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yeah!!!!! 03-19-07 10:41
Today is my BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!! I get to go get a pedicure. The cool thing is that me and my friend have the same birthdays. It's pretty cool. But I have no clue what to wear. So we're supposed to go to the salon and then we're aare going to go to a Restaurant. i just hope they have good food. Ireally ned a good foot massage also. Yea!
Happy Birthday to me!
drrrrrr 03-15-07 10:34
I feel like I haven't slept in forever. I'm so tired right now. I haven't heard some really good jokes lately. So I was wondering if anybody has any good ones. I have heard this joke from my english teacher who likes to spaz out a lot. No joke. He's like on crack 24-7. Well this is the joke.
~Why does Snoop-Dogg have an umbrella?
Its kind of cheesy but it's funny if you hear it from him. =)
The Darned 03-07-07 10:57
well it's been about the 7th or 8th time we've had our dancing practices. It's going great and all but the teacher has been on my ass lately. She says I don't take things seriously. What she doesn't know is that I'm probably the most serious one there. She gets on my freaking nerves so bad!!!! One time I was laughing about something, and she was like "I don't see anything funny about it" and I was like "What the hell! You're laughing to!" She says "whatever". UHHH! GRRRRRR! I'm so fucking pissed right now!!
Hello, 03-07-07 10:45
Hello my name is senoritakendra07. I'm new to elowel.